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for Relaxation, Deep Tissue, Pregnancy Massage, and Grief Massage, Reflexology

120 Minutes - $190

90 Minutes - $130

75 Minutes  - $115

60 Minutes - $100

45 Minutes - $75

30 Minutes - $55

Pricing for specialty massage is listed below next to each modality.

Couples/Buddy Massage available, standard rates apply per person.




This gentle style of massage uses simple, flowing strokes to help you de-stress. Headaches, work worries, and trouble sleeping are no match for this powerful treatment.

Grief Massage

When grieving, it is natural to live from our heads and hearts and grief massage is a gentle reminder to live in our bodies.

This massage can be an effective means of dealing with the stress and sadness.  It is a form of assisted relaxation.  It combines Swedish massage,  nurturing massage strokes, gentle rocking, soft compression, reflexology and reiki to help calm the central nervous system and allow the client to reconnect with themselves.     

*Currently Unavailable

Deep Tissue

The right amount of pressure right where you need it.  Soothes your aching muscles and busts through those pesky "knots".


60 Minutes- $85


A form of therapy that uses simple hands on or no-touch methods that promotes a deeply healing, meditative state. 


Pre or post natal care for mom. Helps with pregnancy related sciatica, neck tension and general anxiety related to welcoming a little one into the world!

Specialty Masage


Express Destress

30 Minutes - $55

This treatment focuses on the head, neck and shoulders. Perfect for anyone experiencing headaches, neck and shoulder tension and who loves scalp massage. No oil used so perfect for a lunchtime break!

Good To Go

60 Minutes - $110, 75 Minutes - $125, 90 Minutes - $140

Choose from one of three specially formulated essential oil blends to be used during your massage. Then, take a sample bottle of the blend to take home for a daily dose of relaxation.

Heads Up

60 Minutes - $100, 75 Minutes - $115, 90 Minutes - $130

Finish up your full body massage with extra focus on your face and scalp. The facial ice roller is great to reduce inflammation and pain and is surprisingly relaxing! Pure jojoba will be applied during the face and scalp massage to naturally moisturize and condition the skin and hair. Perfect for anyone suffering from headaches, seasonal allergies, sinus pressure, dry skin and hair.

Hot Stone

60 Minutes - $120, 75 Minutes - $135, 90 Minutes - $150, 120 Minutes $210

A true spa experience! Heated basalt stones are used to massage the muscles and melt away pain and stress.

Lomi Lomi

60 Minutes -$105, 75 Minutes -$125
90 Minutes - $135, 120 Minutes - $195

Add a little Aloha to brighten your day!  Lomi Lomi can soothe the mind while easing tension in the muscles.  This Hawaiian style of massage uses fluid rhythmic strokes that glide from one part of the body to another to promote harmony.   The strokes are done with the hands and forearms and are often long sweeping motions, much like gentle waves traveling along the body.  Because of the nature of these strokes, traditional Lomi Lomi is performed without a bottom sheet.

Aches and Pains

30 Minutes - $70, 45  Minutes- $90, 60 Minutes- $110, 75 Minutes- $125, 90 Minutes- $140
120 Minture-$200

Let us ease your discomfort with this innovative massage.  We will treat your aches and pains with two amazing products.  BC Essentials aches and pains aromatherapy  and a potent CBD salve.  This treatment is known to relieve muscle fatigue, sports injuries and joint inflammation.

The Works

60 Minutes- $115, 75 Minutes- $130, 90 Minutes- $145

Same great massage with all the bells and whistles. This treatment includes hot stones, aromatherapy, cupping and a hot towel.

Sticks And Stones

60 Minutes - $115, 75 Minutes - $130,
90 Minutes - $145

The relaxing warmth of these heated bamboo sticks and Synergy Stone will transport you to your favorite white sand beach. Stress and muscle tension all melt away when you receive a full body massage using these effective tools. The shape of the bamboo sticks and Synergy Stone allow for completely different techniques than just hands and elbows can achieve.

Thai Yoga Massage

60 Minutes - $105, 90 Minutes -$135

A rhythmic flow of movements that incorporates compression and deep stretching of the muscles and joints. Often referred to as "lazy man's yoga." This treatment is performed on a floor mat. Loose clothing required.

****Also Available

Thai yoga/deep tissue combination massage

90 Minutes - $135

Synergy Stone

60 Minutes- $115, 75 Minutes - $130, 90 Minutes - $145, 120 Minutes - $205

Synergy stones are hand-crafted stoneware massage tools that hold heat or cold. They allow the therapist to apply even pressure through out your muscles to help ease stress. These smooth stones come in many different sizes and shapes to help contour the body for maximum efficiency and comfort. 

Polarity Therapy


60 Minutes - $110, 90 Minutes - $140

Polarity therapy is referred to as "energy medicine" because it uses several techniques to influence energy flow. Practitioners believe that energy imbalances, disturbances, or blockages result in disease and can be corrected and balanced. 

When energy is unblocked, the organic nature of the body resets. 

Nicole Stratis

Maya Abdominal Massage®

Abdominal Massage with Arvigo Therapist® Nicole Stratis


The Arvigo Techniques of Maya Abdominal Massage® helps overall digestive, reproductive, and nervous system health. This massage can include areas such as the upper and lower abdomen, diaphragm, psoas, sacrum, low back, pelvis, etc. Much of this work revolves around supporting the position of organsfor optimal functioning to help relieve symptoms. For example, it is common for the uterus to come out of physical alignment, leaning on other structures in the abdomen, and this massage helps to support proper position.  When the uterus is in alignment, we are in our inner alignment. You leave with instructions on abdominal self-massage skills to continue your care at home as well as supportive self-care modalities when appropriate.


What can this support?

  • Conception preparation, fertility challenges, PMS and menstrual pain (physical or emotional), endometriosis, fibroids, PCOS & ovarian cysts, uterine prolapse, painful intercourse, post birth care, post miscarriage care, perimenopause, menopause

  • Reoccurring bladder infections or UTIs, urinary frequency, constipation, diarrhea, IBS, headaches

  • Supporting creative expression and empowerment of gifts

  • Symptoms of anxiety, depression, or spiritual disconnection


Nicole is a trauma informed practitioner and meets you where you are, with the goal of helping you to leave feeling more confident in your self-healing ability. 


90 minutes for $150

The Fine Print

The Fine Print

Appointments may be booked online or by phone at (978) 258-2434

Payments accepted in the form of credit card, cash or check.

A credit card is required to book and confirm an appointment. Your card will NOT be charged unless you choose to use it as payment for your session, or if our cancelation procedure is not followed.


Serenity Massage staff dedicate their time to being available for scheduled appointments, we kindly request that should you need to cancel your appointment you give 24 hours notice. Failure to do so may result in a fee, up to the full amount of the service. 

Your appointment time is listed on your confirmation email, your session will begin promptly at the time listed, we ask that you arrive 10-15 minutes prior to the start of your session, to use the rest room and settle in to begin your session on time. 

Gift Certificates are available at the same rates and may be picked up in the office, ordered by phone or available online.

Gift Certificates have no cash value, may not be redeemed for cash and are non refundable or transferable. Gift certificates are valid for 7 years from the date of purchase. 

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