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Serenity Massage

Grief Massage

Grief Massage can be an effective means of addressing stress and sadness. 

When grieving, it is natural to live from our heads and hearts, and Grief Massage is a gentle reminder to live in our bodies. It is a form of assisted relaxation to help one to reconnect to their body. It is combining gentle nurturing massage stokes to help calm the central nervous system, inviting the body to reach a more balanced state. It may incorporate some gentle rocking with comfort hands to loosen and calm disconnected areas. Some techniques may include swedish massage, soft compression, reflexology and reiki. 

Focus is typically on:
-back, neck and shoulders
-calves and feet
-arms and hands
-face and scalp

This type of massage is not intended to fix pain issues, although pain relief can be a side effect as the clients muscles relax. You may also feel a sense of balance and a bit lighter after.

These sessions are by appointment only. Your massage therapist will chat with you about your needs and can answer any questions prior to your session. That way the clients can just come and be held in the safe space provided. Of course if you chose to talk, this is honored.

It is our honor to hold space and help you to connect to your physical body.

In light and love,

Caitlin & Kim

To book a Grief Massage, please call (978) 258-2434

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