Swedish Massage ~ The basic style of massage using simple, flowing strokes; promotes relaxation and circulation.

Deep Tissue ~ An amazing experience, ultra revitalizing and therapeutic. Deep tissue massage penetrates, stretches and rejuvenates the body using pressure suited to the clients needs; breaking down adhesions and improving circulation.

Sports ~ Massage for the elite or recreational athlete. Pre or post event therapy is great for all ages. Active and passive stretches are used to improve range of motion.

Hot Stone ~ A true spa experience! Hot stone massage uses basalt stones to massage the muscles and melt away pain and stress.

Pregnancy ~ Pre or post natal care for mommy. Helps with pregnancy related sciatica, neck tension and general anxiety related to welcoming a little one into the world!

Thai Yoga Massage ~ A rhythmic flow of movements that incorporates compression and deep stretching of the muscles and joints.  Often referred to as "lazy man's yoga."  This treatment is performed on a floor mat. Loose clothing required.

All services are customized and tailored to the client's specific needs, allowing each person to experience the maximum benefit of massage.
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